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Smaller Designs & Temporary Displays

Not everything has to be a full garden redesign.   Sometimes, improvements to a smaller area is all that is needed to bring perfection to your outdoor space.

We are always happy to assist our clients with smaller area designs.  Everything from roof terraces and balconies, to individual beds and borders and even pots and containers for a courtyard are regularly undertaken. 


Following development, we are now able to offer planted pots and troughs in a range of materials and bespoke 60cm hanging baskets planted with sumptuous bedding plants to match your colour schemes.  These are made to order and require a minimum of 90 days notice before delivery.  

For clients planning an event in their garden, we can provide horticultural 'pick-me-up' plantings and if required, work with our Floristry and Lighting partners to realise your dreams.


In order to offer a complete service for our clients, we can now supply plants, pots and in many cases the labour to install project from our carefully chosen professional partners working across the UK.

Projects can be managed and overseen both remotely and on-site across the UK, with Lewis liaising with Contractors to ensure projects are completed successfully.


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