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Horticultural and Design Consultation

We are delighted to once again be offering our consultation service and can now offer this to clients across the UK and further afield.  One-to-one garden design and horticultural advice, including recommendations for design improvements, programmed works and maintenance regimes and long term plans to establish how best to manage your garden or landscape. 

This tailored service is modified to suit the needs of each client and their expectations for their garden.  We can provide a one off service with recommendations for many years of future developments, maintenance and design changes.  Alternatively, we can schedule regular meetings either in person or via video conferencing to discuss an ever evolving plan.  

We work closely with you, your Gardener, or Estate Manager to help realise your ambitions with support and guidance.  For the less experienced, we can be as jargon free as possible, while those keen to understand the specifics will benefit from a greater depth of technical information.  Confidentiality and privacy respected throughout the process and beyond. 

Complete the small form below to enquire about this service.  Alternatively, if you would prefer a different service, click on one of the other service options.

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