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Plant Supply

Lewis has considerable experience in this field, supplying plants to well over 150 show gardens and trade stands at all major Royal Horticultural Society shows as well as a number of County Shows and regional events.  Lewis has access to a vast range of plants and growers who can provide bespoke, specialist services. Using experiences gained over the last decade and a small range of prefered growers, we are able to offer plant supply for projects to ensure that quality and plant selection is delivered on. 


We can arrange the supply of a huge range of plants from bulbs all the way up to mature trees, with everything in between.  All required paperwork can be produced for imported items and we will work with UK growers to secure stock, approve quality and arrange deliveries.


Where possible, peat-free plants will be used and other environmentally sound business practises like the recycling of plastic pots and packaging, local plant suppliers and use of native plants.  We believe in causing no harm in the way we approach our work.  Everything we do, however small, should benefit the environment and local landscape.  We will not undertake destruction of  


Working with high quality contractors to plant gardens and landscapes ensures planting meets required standards and reduces risk of plant losses.  Where required, Lewis will liaise with contractors to ensure planting and aftercare standards are met.  Lewis is also available to talk gardeners through management regimes for planted works.

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