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Support for Professionals

New for 2023 is our one-to-one support for Professional Horticulturists, Gardeners, Landscapers, Contractors and Landscape and Garden Designers.  In tailored, private sessions via Zoom or Teams, Lewis will use his decades of industry experience and plant knowledge to support professionals looking to broaden their knowledge and understanding on a range of plant topics and to aid their professional work. 

Each session will focus on specific plant groups, featuring a presentation of the group, some key examples of plants and some less commonly known examples with descriptions and plant specification to aid professional conversations.  A question and answer period at the end of each session allows professionals to ask specifics relating to their work or to expand on the presentation details. 

These one-to-one sessions can be booked regularly, or can be one-off or ad-hoc with the individual needs of the client forming the content of each session to make them as user-focused as possible. 

£75.00 per hour for Monthly/Bi-Monthly service.

£90.00 per hour for Ad-hoc/One-off Service.

Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus Group (1).JPG


  • Build and broaden Plant Knowledge.

  • Introduce new plants to a designer's/plant users palette.

  • Aid communication between professionals, particularly designer/specifier - nursery.


1 hour sessions, tailored to meet specific needs.

Ad-hoc, One-off, Monthly or bi-Monthly sessions available via Zoom or Teams.


Booking Enquiries

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