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Plants, Gardens, Design

My name is Lewis Normand and I have worked in Horticulture and Garden Design all of my adult life.  I've designed gardens in the UK, Europe and in the Middle East.  I've worked in a number of Nurseries and Garden Centres in the UK, producing and selling plants to retail and wholesale customers. I lectured at College and University and continue to lecture to Garden Clubs and Societies across the country.


Like all good Superheroes and Villains, you've got to have a social media name that gives something away about your personality.  As a fan of Alan Partridge, active user of my iPhone and being a Plantsman, the name iPlantsman just made sense.

If, like me, you love plants, gardens and garden design, this just might be a blog that you enjoy.  (As always, the views expressed in this blog are entirely my own.  If you don't share them, that's cool.)



Plants, Gardens, Design

The musings of a self-confessed Plantaholic


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