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In Defence of Nature - Support Our Landscape & Wildlife over bad policy and short-sightedness.

Most UK Butterflies (Peacock, Aglais io pictured) have been in decline
Most UK Butterflies (Peacock, Aglais io pictured) have been in decline

This post in all likelihood will date very quickly. Or at least I hope it does! The UK government in September 2022 has rewritten the rulebook on a great many things, from undertaking a fiscal policy that at best seems reckless and at worst so utterly naive and foolhardy that it suggests the people in charge are so completely clueless over how to run an economy that they really should be allowed nowhere near it in the first place. That, of course, is my opinion and you are welcome to feel otherwise. Similarly, you may feel that tax cuts for the rich without benefit to the poor are good things - I do not.

As well as fiscal and economic concerns, in an effort to be more self-sufficient with energy production, we have knee-jerked into a position of supporting Fracking in the UK again. Universally unpopular with UK citizens, but seemingly the preferred choice of the UK government. This choice has wide reaching potential ramifications, though I suspect the moratorium on fracking will be reinstated at some point.

Finally, we have an unwriting of EU legislation which has been described as 'burdensome' by government. I am prepared to hear convincing arguments for the rewriting of any legislation where a better solution is possible. Much of the rules to be torn up are concerned with the preservation of landscape, water quality standards, uses of chemicals in food production and the general balance of ecology in our countryside; these, I will never support.

Today I received an email from The Wildlife Trust, just as I have had tweets from the RSPB and others requesting action to write to our local MP and ask for them to champion the protection of our wildlife and natural environment. I will, of course, do this and urge you to do the same. I publish the media release from The Wildlife Trust below to clarify the detail of the issues as they see it and encourage you to read and support as best you can. Regardless of your political position, if you are reading this blog post, I think it highly likely that you support to protection of our natural environment. We can make energy cleanly and we can protect our landscape and its inhabitants without it being 'burdensome'. We can and we must do better here.

Please support as you can.


Lewis (iPlantsman)

Here is a link to 2021 article on Butterfly population decline.

Delicate balance of environment required for many plant species, like these Early Purple Orchids.
Delicate balance of environment required for many plant species, like these Early Purple Orchids.


Public urged to defend nature as new policies threaten nature, climate and food security

The Wildlife Trusts are asking their members, supporters and the wider public to defend nature by contacting MPs and local councillors – both online and in person – to voice concerns over new Government proposals.

The Wildlife Trusts, alongside other nature charities, are extremely worried about announcements made by the Government that pose serious threats to nature, climate and food security.

Over the last few days, the Government has:

  • Announced the Retained EU Law Bill – threatening to revoke hundreds of laws that protect wild places and ensure standards for water quality, pollution and the use of pesticides

  • Announced a new planning and infrastructure bill as well as investment zones as part of the growth plan, which threaten to weaken vital protections for habitats and wildlife

  • Launched a ‘review’ of the long-awaited Environmental Land Management schemes – which were meant to reward farmers for restoring nature, preventing pollution from entering rivers and climate-proofing their businesses

  • Lifted a ban on fracking in England, despite there being no evidence that proves fracking is safe

The proposals have caused outrage among green charities, politicians of all political persuasion, farmers, campaigners, and members of the public – many of whom feel anxious that the Government is not tackling the nature and climate crises with the urgency required.

A recent poll by the Climate Coalition – a group of leading environmental organisations and campaigners – found that only 23% of people felt the Gover