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It's not a blog!

I've been pondering the reality of of my recent posts as 'Blog Posts'. They aren't really and if I'm honest, I don't imagine that I really will ever write a blog. I think I'm more of an article writer than a traditional blogger. Thoughts and observations, Plant Guides, How To Posts, even general ranting and raving, but not really blogging.

I think the distinction here is that I'm not often writing about day-to-day activities as one would expect in a blog. Instead, I'm looking at areas of interest, current affairs and in a small way imparting knowledge and experience. I feel much more at home in these realms than I ever would in updates of my interactions and events, which is something I tend to do on social media. Twitter and Instagram @iplantsman and if you are interested.

So, with this in mind, I'm considering a change to the title from the generic and somewhat uninspiring 'Blog' Section to something like 'Thoughts'. It might seem arbitrary, but where there are lots of wonderful Garden and Plant Bloggers out there in the UK and World Websphere, I'm really not one of them and I feel a bit of a fraud in calling myself one.

Happy to be a plantsman, designer, writer and ponderer; a muser, teacher and even an occasional keyboard warrior. That's more than enough!

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