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Thought for today - Blog Post 20/05/2020

I've decided to include a little more in the way of actual blogging. Snippets of thoughts and daily observations to go alongside articles, 'how to' guides, etc, etc.

The sun is out today and its impact on the garden in recent days have become apparent. Where my Cobaea scandens (The Cup-and-Saucer-Vine) seedlings hadn't really done much in the way of growing since germinating a couple of weeks ago. Now, tendrils that developed at the end of last week, are already grasping at the air and beginning the job of dragging themselves up a plant obelisk reaching for the light. I suspect it will not be long before the stems need reducing in size as they try to choke out their partner in this pot, my Clematis 'Olympia' that Raymond Evison sent me to trial.

Time will tell!

Incidentally, I included Cobaea in an article I wrote recently on the 5 best tender climbers to grow from seed. Click here to read it.

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